Are You One of Us?

... or perhaps you're here because someone you know believes you are ...

  • Are you a connector?

  • Do you want to have a bigger impact?

  • Are you committed to bringing more love to the planet?

If you said yes to any or all of the above... you may be an Ambassador of Love.

Welcome to the

Worldwide Love Story...

...where it's our mission to raise the vibration of love on the planet, one love story at a time.

What is the Worldwide Love Story?

Imagine if Humans of New York—or if you want to take it way back, Chicken Soup for the Soul—and Google Earth had a love child...


= would be the Worldwide Love Story.

What is

the Worldwide Love Story?

The Worldwide Love Story

is a love-centric platform of user-generated, location-based love stories.

Sounds cool, but what does that actually mean?

It means we're on a mission to collect real stories of real people in love, from all over the world. People who have been through some shit, and still choose love.

It means we're co-creating a community on a mission to keep love top of mind.

And it means we're looking for creative, collaborative souls who want to be a part of something greater than we can accomplish alone.

The Worldwide Love Story is:

A Place to Share:

  • express love lessons learned
  • trace your own love story
  • map your family history of love
  • honor what was
  • preserve history

A Place to Receive:

  • find hope
  • experience real examples of real people in love
  • travel the world through the eyes of love
  • see love everywhere

A Place to Co-Create:

  • the genealogy of love
  • map points of love
  • a heat map of love
  • love landmarks
  • a worldwide love story

The Worldwide Love Story Vision

Where were you when you fell in love? Where will you be?

Drop a pin on the map for where you were when you realized you loved your person. Zoom in on a pin to interact with a love story.

Together, let's co-create a map where, instead of borders and divisions, we see where love happened.

Who is connected to your love story? Who will be?

Who is a part of your love story? How does your love story relate to those around you... your family, your friends, your tribe?

Together, we illustrate the connection of friends, family and fate.

Which areas of the world reflect the most love?

Are some areas of the world more loving than others? What is the most loving location in world on any given day?

Together, let's create a map that reflect the most loving places on the planet. To live. To love. To visit. To learn.

What is love's migration?

How does love travel? What does the progression of a love story look like? Where have you experienced milestones in your story?

Together, let's travel with love. For love. And because of love.

How many love stories happened in a single location?

Are there magical corners in the world? How many people fell in love where you happen to be standing?

Together, let's discover love. Today. Yesterday. And in years past.

What is an Ambassador of Love?

Learn what it means to be an Ambassador of Love, and how to become one.

An Ambassador of Love

is love in motion.

Who Believes:

  • in the mission of the Worldwide Love Story
  • in the power of story
  • in using tech for good

Who Wants to:

  • make a bigger impact
  • spread more love
  • put love on the map

Who Knows That:

  • together we can raise the vibration of love on the planet

Why Become an Ambassador of Love... Now?

Because as the Worldwide Love Story gains momentum, you’ll be a pivotal part of our core community.

Your impact may look something like this:

  • Find people who have stories to tell
  • Help people tell their stories
  • Activate your network and raise awareness
  • Help create and spread Love Challenges
  • Build local and global containers for love
  • Set the tone for the community
  • Help archive love!

... and so much more that's waiting to be created!

What does it mean to take action now?

Join the waitlist and be among the first Worldwide Love Story Ambassadors of Love in 3 simple steps:

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2. Confirm the email

3. Start looking for ways to be loving

Because when you do, you'll receive:

  • Early access to the Ambassadors of Love launch!

Be among the first, formative group!

  • Special invites to polls, Q&A and AMA sessions!

Your ideas matter!

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